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Late Spring to early Autumn has always been the most popular time of the year to tie the knot, however, with over a year of a pandemic, the easing of restrictions regarding gatherings has sent the wedding season into elevated proportions.

Our bespoke service offering a cheese tasting with prosecco and a meeting to discuss cheese options is proving to be a huge success and really has become a bigger part of the planning of a wedding.

for an additional fee, we offer a cheese tower dressing service at the venue, this fee includes fruit, flowers and the loan of the wood slices.

Most recently, I had the pleasure of decorating a cheese tower for a lovely couple at the Fabulous Cock O Barton.

We looked at various cheese options considering colour scheme and cheese preferences, used a few flowers to indicate how it could look…. Gypsophila and Roses...

BEFORE                                                              AND                                      AFTER



Cheese towers are a fabulous addition to any celebration, Birthdays, Christenings, Christmas, Anniversaries, get in touch with us to arrange a meeting where you can taste before you order!

01829 770388 or email us or check us out on Instagram goodcheese2020

With the UK experiencing rising staff shortages in the Hospitality industry, an increased number of our customers are turning to us to cut and individually wrap cheese for cheese platters, menu cheese boards, and functions, we charge £2.00 extra per kg for this service however, the beauty of this is that there is greater control of portions, less time in preparing the board, no re-wrapping of cheese once a portion has been cut, no cheese left uncovered in the fridge due to lack of time, but instead a simple, unwrap, present on board and serve… this can be done by any of the staff, saving chef’s valuable time.

The cheese is cut into the portion size you require however, it is worth noting that some cheese will crumble when cut small.  The general portion size is between 60 and 85g per cheese, each pack contains two portions of the same cheese, we label each pack to indicate weight and allergens. You can leave us to decide the cheeses if you prefer, we will ensure a good contrast of colour, texture and flavour for your cheeseboards. All we ask is that your order is with us by Tuesday each week.

Finally, I realise its only just September however, just to give you the heads up we are including Weetwood Ales and wine supplied by Rose Farm shop in our dare I say it, Christmas Hampers!

To eliminate single use packaging our hampers can be reused for storage, decorations and much more.

There will much more information regarding our Hampers over the next month.

As usual, thanks to everyone of our customers for your continued support!

Best wishes,

Mike, Kirstie and The Good Cheese Team!


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