Belton Farm Port Wine Derby

Only a few more weeks before the end of Autumn which can only mean two things, winter is on its way and Christmas is literally around the corner!

I just want to thank everyone for their completed Christmas order forms, this will really help us to ensure that everyone gets what they require and we are able to monitor and manage the Christmas stock better.

A quick reminder of the wonderful hampers available to buy; they make stunning gifts and feature on our website to order online or we can take orders by email or phone. We offer a free local delivery service, or you can collect from our premises at Rose Farm, Utkinton.

Prices differ depending on the content of the hamper, some contain beautiful ceramic bowls ideal for decanting the chutney or ceramic stars to hang on the Christmas tree; these ceramic goodies are made by Simone Cobbald who has a studio at her home in Utkinton, her products are dishwasher, cooker and frost proof, they really do make a lovely addition to the hampers. Take a look at our website for content and prices.

We are very keen to support the changes needed to help our environment therefore, where possible we try and use products which are reusable, recyclable, compostable and/or biodegradable. Our void fill used for our hampers is compostable, the cellophane is biodegradable and the hamper itself is reusable!!

We have a new cheese on the block, possibly just for the Christmas period or we may keep as a stock item; It is the lovely Port wine Derby made by Belton farm, it is a smooth, creamy Derby Cheese marbled with a delicate port infusion. It has a deep red marbled effect where the Port wine has been allowed to naturally blend with the maturing cheese.

Derby cheese has been produced for over 200 years in the UK. It is mild, semi firm cheese with a smooth mellow texture. It is delicious grated into a sauce or pasta and of course this one adds a lovely colour as well as flavour.

If anyone would like to order this, simply request portion or kilo quantity you require when I call for your order, call me on 01829 770388 or send me an email. It is priced at £6.40 per kg.

The Dovedale Blue made by Hartington Creamery in the Peak District has proven to be very popular, new stock is arriving on 11th November and the Christmas stock which includes amongst others Chocolate and Chilli wedges, The hottie, and Cranberry and orange pebbles.

Anyone changing menus for Christmas, has a spare half an hour! And would like a taster of some of our speciality cheeses, please get in touch, I will come over to you with a few samples.

Lastly, we would like to thank you all for your continued support. We really do appreciate your business.

Mike, Kirstie and The Good Cheese team!

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