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Welcome to our first monthly newsletter………..

Are we coming towards the end of lockdown 3, or the easing of restrictions? the question we ask ourselves as we await the next announcement later this month. Who would have envisaged a year ago that we would spend the following one speaking about whether or not we will be able to see our families, ‘social bubbles’, Lockdown’s, furlough’s and ensuring we have a mask in our pocket’s; more importantly, some of us have fallen victim to this awful virus and tragically some have lost family members, friends or know of someone who has so sadly lost their life to this dreadful disease.

These have been truly testing times, not only in our personal lives but for some of us it has placed our business under a lot of pressure; as a small business, we have had to open our minds to change, we pride ourselves on being a progressive company, however, this pandemic has certainly encouraged us to act quickly and utilise the time efficiently.

So, on a positive note, we are thrilled to announce that our online shop is going live next week, we will publicise this on our social media platforms; please log on to www.thegoodcheesecompany.co.uk to view our website and take a look at the range, more cheese products will be added gradually but take a look as we have included an excellent assortment.

As the new going out is staying in, why not enjoy your lockdown Valentine’s day with a fabulous cheeseboard? The board includes - a wipe clean bamboo board, oatcake biscuits for cheese, chutney, and of course an excellent range of 3-4 cheese’s depending on the range you choose, these include, Godminster organic waxed vintage cheddar in the shape of a heart & If a heart cheese is what you would like, we are also excited to be stocking the new heart shaped Burt’s Blue. Other’s available are Rosary goats’ cheese either plain or with a hint of garlic and parsley or why not try the creamy and delicate Harrogate blue?

We also have a white stilton blended with Strawberries and Champagne! Cheeseboards are all wrapped and are £20 each, including delivery; give us a call or email, we will send you the list of cheeses to choose from, once chosen, we will prepare your board and have it to you before Valentine’s!!

Please also check our facebook and Instagram pages for articles relating to special promotions or features.

We recognise the importance of supporting local businesses; we are really excited about our new Chutney’s made by Bobby B Preserves. Bobby is a chef at the Cock O Barton near Wrexham, he has diversified turning his hobby into a business and has recently launched his range of Preserves and Chutney’s, these will feature on our special cheese board’s and are available to buy individually, flavours currently in stock are apple, fig with a hint of chilli chutney or Beetroot Chutney.

Finally, we are more than thrilled by a change within our business happening very shortly, we will keep you updated and announce this very exciting news soon.

Thank you for your continued support during these difficult times, let’s hope the end is approaching and we can all resume life as normal!

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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