Christmas 2022

Did someone say Cheesy Christmas gift ideas….??

Christmas hasn’t necessarily arrived early here at the Good Cheese Company however; we are planning some cheesy delights this Christmas.

We all love a good old fashioned Christmas cracker on Christmas day. the small strip of paper with the jokes or trivia, the paper hat, one size fits all still perched on Grannies head as she nods off in the chair.

Christmas cracker trinkets though, are often a little drivel unless you lash out on more lavish ones,  just so that you have a pack of pencils or a nice little leather luggage label or a key ring.

For many years now I have bought ‘table presents’ for my guests on Christmas day, something which is small enough to sit in front of the place setting but most importantly something which is significant to that person.

I think there is something lovely about sitting down for Christmas lunch popping your Christmas crackers and opening these personal little gifts, always causes a laugh and a giggle as they are revealed.

Here at the good cheese company, we got our heads together and came up with cheesy crackers!

Ok, so there is no pop as the cracker is pulled, there are no cheesy jokes (Parden the pun) and there is no hat. What there is though, is a couple of cheese truckles from the Cheshire Cheese company and a Cheshire chutney company chutney all wrapped up in the shape of a cracker. So, if like me you like to go that extra mile and have a guest who is partial to a little cheese now and then, this maybe have made it onto your ‘things to get’ list!

Included in this lovely parcel are 2 waxed truckles of cheese from Cheshire cheese company (200g each) and 1 jar of chutney (200g) from the Cheshire Chutney company. Wrapped as shown for £12.00.

So, we’ve finished our Christmas lunch conversed amongst ourselves for a while, consumed a few more drinks, we are now ready for dessert. who doesn’t like Christmas pudding?? Actually quite a few people these days; there are always two or three deserts to choose from so everyone gets something they like?? Not necessarily, so many are not sweet toothed, instead they would rather choose cheese. We have just the slate for this. A cheese slate for one!! A fantastic choice of cheese, chutney and biscuits; we wrap it in biodegradable cellophane and all you have to do is place it in front of the recipient.

The cheese is cut into approximately 120g portions and there are 3 different cheeses presented on the slate.

We offer a pack of oatcake biscuits for cheese, a little fruit and a jar of Cheshire chutney or jelly. The cheese slates are £12.00 each.

Watch this space for more information about our Christmas cheese towers, great for parties and bigger gatherings over the Christmas period.

All Christmas Products will be available to order from October 17th simply send us an email with your order or call us on 01829 770388.

We are happy to take special requests for the preferred cheese on the slates however, the choices are limited.

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