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May Newsletter 004 – earlier than planned!!!
It seems that things are gradually and with caution moving in the right direction, we
have sincerely missed our hospitality customers not only on a business perspective but also personally! we are delighted to be delivering again to some of our customers who opened on 12th April; we do hope that it is all going well and we wish you all the best for a busy summer; our customers who are fully re-opening on or around the 17thMay, we can’t wait to see you! Please let us know in advance if you would like to place an order pre-opening of the doors.
So, with alfresco dining and reduced menu options in mind, why not let us do some of the work for you? We cut and wrap cheese for platters and boards, allowing approximately 80 grammes of each cheese (usually 4 different cheeses for each platter) per person and each pack contains 2 x 80-gram pieces. We also supply small jars of Bobby B Preserves chutney, butter portions (20g) and oatcake biscuits. (more on the butter later!!)
We have been offering this service for many of our customers and the feedback is amazing as they all say it is a better way of managing portions, reducing on wastage and opened cheese left in the fridge.

A cheeseboard/platter without the hassle; unpack, plate up, add a chutney some crackers and butter and serve!
It is simple - choose the cheese or let us select for you, please bare in mind that not all cheese cuts into these small portions without crumbling however, there are plenty that do! Why not try 4 different cheeses per week?
The ‘platter box’ image below shows the two portions in each pack with 5 different cheeses, this box would be filling for 3 people or a snack for 5.

The platter boxes are priced at £16.80 (£5.60 per head) they also include 2 x chutneys, 2 packs of oatcake biscuits and 4 butters. RRP £22.00 OR Simply order four cheeses around 1kg of each, cut into 80-gram portions will serve 12 people, CHEESE IS PRICED PER KG FOR THIS OPTION.

We are now supplying Netherend Butter, made in Gloucestershire at Netherend Farm, the butter is made from the freshest dairy cream and turned into butter within 7 days from leaving the cow!! This is an artisan butter for sure! Available in 20g portions, 2 portions are adequate for a 2-people sharing cheese platter. We will supply the butter free of charge for every platter box ordered.


The butter is available to buy by the case, there are 100x20g portions in each case and cost £33.00.

Tis the season to BBQ many people are enjoying time in the garden with friends and
family, or enjoying a burger at their chosen venue!

We have sliced Blacksticks blue available at £6.85 for 8 slices, each slice is approximately 55g. In round’s they are absolutely perfect for any Burger!! Individually wrapped for ease.
We also have in stock other sliced cheese including Monterey Jack, Jarlsberg which melts beautifully making it perfect for Burgers, it is also a great companion to most spices therefore ideal for a chilli-based burger; Applewood smoked is smooth and creamy a great all round smoked cheddar and another great Melter!

We are being asked quite often what can be used as an alternative to Haloumi for the BBQ?
There are a few great alternatives…
Fontina is an Italian cow’s milk cheese similar to that of Provolone Picante (image above) except it is a little grassier, it is super for frittatas and grilling.
Raclette is a Swiss cheese and again ideal for grilling or BBQ however, it needs to be
cut quite thick and if putting on BBQ, place it in a small pan as it is gooey!!
Crabtree – the Beautiful Alpine cheese made by Anne at Larkton Hall is also another
ideal grilling or BBQ cheese, again, cut it thick, cook it on a hot grill or BBQ and
cook in a small pan.
Manchego is a Spanish cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain it is ideal for the
BBQ as it is firm and compact, it has a buttery flavour.
Picante from Italy is again ideal for the BBQ or grilling, cut thick over a high heat.

PLEASE NOTE - We can cut all of the above cheeses into portions to make it easier
for you.

Give us a ring or send us an email for prices and to order!! We look forward to
hearing from you and a massive thankyou to you all for your continued support!!

Mike, Kirstie and the team!

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