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As we draw closer to Springing into the next season…(pardon the pun!) there is so much to look forward to. The thought of resuming our lives to something a little closer to normal by the end of June surely gives us all hope.

So, what’s happening over the next few weeks? As mentioned in our previous newsletter, a big change is happening for us here at the Good Cheese Company; which, we will be so  excited to announce next month.

What new and exciting cheese additions do we have to offer? We are thrilled to be stocking the new Smoked Red Fox from Belton farm.

At 200g, they are perfectly packaged for retail, priced at just £2.35… definitely worth a try, and available from the 8th March.


Grandma Singleton’s crumbly Lancashire 200g is also now in stock and priced at £1.82. Surely worth the fridge space!



Special offers

We have Rosary Goat Button 100g flavoured with Garlic and Parsley on offer, usual price is £2.35, these are now £1.75 each. Limited stock, so order as soon as you can.




Mother’s day

Although Mother’s Day can’t be celebrated as we’d like, we are now thinking about what gift we could give our Mums to lift their lockdown spirit.

Our cheeseboard’s have been a great success however, for Mothers day we are putting together Selection boxes. I am sure everyone enjoys a drop of port or a glass of red wine with their cheese, but why not treat your mum to a  cheese selection including a little dark chocolate indulgence? Especially good with chilli infused cheddar, an absolute go to.

With this in mind, we will be sending out a separate list of all the cheeses so that you can select 4 of your choice. Included in the gift box is a jar of chutney, oatcake biscuits for cheese and Green and Black’s chocolate. More information on these wonderful gift boxes to follow.

I am sure we will all be enjoying a cream tea on or around Mother’s day, be sure to order your Clotton Farm Dairy Clotted Cream in advance due to High demand.

Let’s talk Easter!

We are already taking orders for Easter hampers, cheeseboards and bespoke cheese selection boxes. More information regarding Easter to follow; here are a few examples of some fantastic Easter cheese treats!

The Blacksticks Blue ‘Cheester’ egg from Butlers Farmhouse cheese is fun and a great alternative (or addition) to the more traditional chocolate egg. These will be in stock (limited stock) and ready for delivery to you by w/c 15th March. Good use-by dates, and just £3.70 each.

We also have a new goats cheese in stock from Butler’s; this bright white, fresh, firm cheese with a sweet nutty flavour is a great alternative to the classic cows milk cheeses. At £4.15 each, or 2 for £7.50; this goats cheese will not disappoint!



Staying on the Blackstick’s theme and for those who enjoy a good mature blue why not mature your own? A fabulous gift for any occasion. These are priced at £13.50 and have a 14 week maturation limit on them… a gorgeous gift for your self or someone special.



Keep an eye out on our social media platform for images of our cheese boxes and boards over the next few weeks.


Happy March everybody!

Continue to stay safe.

The Good Cheese Company

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