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English Regional
Cheese Cheesmaker Brief Description Approx. Weight/Quantity Type

CheshireApplebyTraditional cloth bound Cheshire with a moist,succulent, crumbly texture.8kg 4kg 2kg Cow
Cheshire SmokedApplebyOak-smoked Red Cheshire with a full smokey flavour and a crumbly texture.8kg 4kg 2kg Cow
Cheshire RedBeltonA classic Cheshire cheese with a crumbly texture & light nutty flavour.4kg 1.5kg   Cow
Cheshire WhiteBeltonClassic Cheshire, crumbly with a buttery fresh taste made to a traditional method.4kg 1.5kg   Cow
Nantwich BlueCarmarthenshireMild & creamy tasting blue with a sharp piquant blue flavour & soft texture.2.5kg     Cow
CrabtreeLarkton HallAlpine semi-soft cheese, brine washed and matured on pine shelves.2kg     Cow
FederiaLarkton HallAlpine hard cheese made in the Italian style, brine washed and matured on pine shelves.6kg 3kg   Cow
Kidderton AshRavens OakHand-made goats log rolled in food ash with an intricate blend of taste and texture.150g     Goat
WhitehavenRavens OakSmooth soft goats milk brie with a subtle flavour, hinting of almonds and white wine.150g     Goat
Golden BrieTiresford FarmA Golden Brie from Tarporley with a golden yellow colour & rich creamy taste.150g     Cow
Blackstic BlueButlerAn award-winning creamy soft blue-veined cheese with an underlying tanginess.5kg     Cow
Blacksticks SilkButlerMade from Butler’s own goat milk, this silky textured blue has a nutty, peppery tang.2.5kg     Goat
Blacksticks VelvetButlerA velvety soft blue-veined sheep milk cheese – only available April to November.2.5kg     Sheep
Blacksticks WhiteButlerA soft & creamy white cheese with subtle blue veining & a milder tanginess.2.5kg     Cow
Rothbury RedButlerA tasty, nutty mature red Leicester with a delicate butterscotch flavour.1.75kg     Cow
Tasty LancashireButlerA delicious, strong, tangy flavoured cheese with a slightly open, creamy texture.1.5kg     Cow
Trotter HillButlerA fully matured creamy pale Lancashire with a deep, complex savoury flavour.1.75kg     Cow
Garstang BlueDewlayA blue Lancashire with softer, milder tone and a smooth, creamy texture and taste.1.5kg     Cow
LancashireMrs KirkhamTraditional Lancashire with a real Lancashire tang and a moist, rich, crumbly, texture.5kg 2.5kg   Cow
Lancashire SmokedMrs KirkHamTraditional Lancashire cheese smoked for four days to give an unbeatable flavour.5kg 2.5kg   Cow
Lancashire CreamySandhamTraditional hand-made Lancashire - but softer, milder and richer in taste.5kg     Cow
Lancashire SmokedSandhamSmoked on site to add a mellow smokiness to the traditional Lancashire creamy tang.1.5kg     Cow
Yorkshire BlueShepherds PurseA soft, creamy blue made from Yorkshire cows milk, with a buttery, sweet flavour1.5kg     Cow
Old PeculiarSwaledaleA creamy, yellow , moist open texture which is complimented by a distinct beer flavour. 1.5kg     Ewe
Swaledale EweSwaledaleA mild, smooth waxed ewe cheese with a slight tang and soft moist open texture.1.5kg     Ewe
Hawes TraditionalWensleydaleA white Wensleydale with a clean, sweet flavour, and a moist, crumbly texture.2.6kg     Cow
Wensleydale BlueWensleydaleBlue veined Wensleydale, matured for 6 months, with a smooth creamy texture.1.25kg     Cow
Heart Of England
Staffs ApplemintDeavilleMedium fat hard cheese subtly flavoured with applemint.2kg     Cow
Staffs GarlicDeavilleThis wild garlic Staffordshire has a moist creamy texture with a tremendous garlic bite.2kg     Cow
Staffs OrganicDeavilleMedium fat hard cheese made with organic, unpasteurised cows milk.2kg     Cow
BerkswellRam Hall FarmA hard sheeps milk with a rich, fruity tang and firm, slightly grainy texture.3kg     Ewe
Lincolnshire PoacherS. JonesA hard, full flavoured, mature cheese aged for 14 - 16 months for a rich, tangy taste.2.4kg     Cow
South West
Cornish BrieCornish LarderA rich brie with a characteristic yellow buttery colour and mild creamy flavour. 1kg     Cow
CheddarGreenClassic, organic moist Cheddar with a full flavour & slightly sharp edge. 3.5kg     Cow
Cornish YargLynher DairyA semi-hard cheese wrapped in nettle leaves giving a delicate, mushroomy taste.1.7kg     Cow
Somerset BriePiers FieldonA creamy brie with a mild fresh flavour becoming fuller as it matures.1kg     Cow
Beenleigh BlueTicklemoreSweet caramel flavour and blue tang, with moist yet crumbly ivory texture.1.5kg     Ewe
Devon BlueTicklemoreMatured for four months to give a sweet, smooth, medium blue cheese. 2kg     Cow
Harbourne BlueTicklemoreA white, firm, crumbly texture, sweet, floral taste & characteristic blue tang.2kg     Goat
English, Welsh, Irish & Scottish
Cheese Cheesmaker Brief Description Approx. Weight/Quantity Type

Other English
Smoked CumberlandCaroline FairbairnA smooth, creamy hard cheese, smoked over oak chippings.2.25kg     Cow
Little DerbyFowlerA semi-hard cheese washed in red wine to give an orange rind.2.25kg     Cow
Red LeicesterQuickesClassic Red Leicester with a crumbly texture & creamy flavour.2kg     Cow
Blue StiltonTebbut & TuxfordClassic cheese with blue veining, rich complex flavours & piquant finish.8kg 4kg 2kg Cow
Shropshire BlueTebbut & TuxfordClassic blue cheese with an amber hue, complex flavours & spicy notes.8kg 4kg 2kg Cow
Pont GarCamarthenshireA soft cheese with a thick whitle rind & a rich creamy interior.1.15kg     Cow
Caeffili/CaerphillyCaws CenarthFarmhouse Caerffili with a fresh lemony flavour & creamy aftertaste2kg     Cow
Perl LasCaws CenarthA firm blue, light and salty when young, maturing in colour & taste.2kg     Cow
Perl WenCaws CenarthA soft mould-ripened cheese with a fresh, lemony flavour.1kg     Cow
Irish PorterCahillA farmhouse cheddar marbled through with Guiness.2.27kg     Cow
Cashel BlueCashel FarmhouseA blue farmhouse cheese with a creamy, firm texture & tangy taste.1.7kg     Cow
Crozier BlueCashel FarmhouseA creamy blue cheese with nutty flavours and tangy blue notes.1.7kg     Ewe
Mull of KintyreCambeltownA Kintyre Cheddar with a rich savoury taste & caramel notes.2.5kg     Cow
Dunsyre BlueErringtonFarmhouse blue with a creamy texture and spicy flavours.1.5kg     Cow
Cheese Cheesmaker Brief Description Approx. Weight/Quantity Type

Blue D Auvergne1.35kg     Cow
Brie de Maux1.5kg     Cow
Camembert Rustique250gm     Cow
French Brie 60%3.2kg     Cow
Pont L Eveque220gm     Cow
Port Salut2kg     Cow
Rochfort Cochinelle1.4kg     Ewe
St Agur2.25kg     Cow
Edam Ball2kg     Cow
Old Dutch Master2.5kg     Cow
Buffalo Mozzarelle Balls12x125gm     Buff
Dolcelatte1.5kg     Cow
Fresh Mozzarella Balls12x125gm     Cow
Gorgonzola1.5kg     Cow
Granda Padano2kg     Cow
Mascapone500gm     Cow
Mozzarella Block1kg     Cow
Parmegiano Reggiano2kg     Cow
Ricotta250gm     Cow
Emmental2kg     Cow
Gruyere2kg     Cow
Cambozola2.2kg     Cow
Greece & Cyprus
Feta1kg     Ewe
Halloumi240gm     Ewe
Cheeses for Cooking / Grilling
Cheese Cheesmaker Brief Description Approx. Weight/Quantity Type

Crotin12x60gm     Goat
Goat Log1kg     Goat
Kidderton Ash250gm     Goat
Rosary1kg     Goat
Grated Cheese
Cheddar Coloured2kg bag     Cow
Cheddar Mature White2kg bag     Cow
Cheddar Mild White2kg bag     Cow
Mozzarella1kg bag     Buff
Block Cheese
Extra Mature White Cheddar5kg     Cow
Mild White Cheddar5kg     Cow